Monday, July 29, 2002

i made some faerie bread. that cheered me up. i know there will be some people out there declaring that i dont deserve to be cheery, but wishing uncheeryiness on people just isnt right. anyway, i'm straying from the topic at hand. cheery. i think i'm getting cheerier because i can see that everything is going to work out fine. it's helping matt too. instead of focusing on the 'carly is a bitch, i want to kill daniel' side of things, he's trying to think of all the nice times we've had since all this happened. my idea is that if we think of that everytime we think something bad, then sooner or later, all we'll do is think the good things cos we've trained ourselves to let our minds concentrate only on the happy times, and not dwell on the sad and frustrating. thinking about that is a waste of time. it's a waste of time where we could be being happy together.

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