Tuesday, July 30, 2002

my car is broken again. and probably well and truly broken. according to brett and my uncle robert, it's looking like i'll need a new radiator. i'm considering just selling my car for $1000 and saying it needs a new radiator. whatever happens, none of this is helping the factthat i need a car by thursday morning and it's not looking like it's gonna happen. i have yoga at 10 on thursday, then my councelling appointment at 12 and then on friday i have playgroup at 10:45 and a doctors appointment at 12:30. i have to get her to look at my jaw. for about 3 months now i havent been able to open it properly. matt was mad at me this morning for not kissing him properly, and when i tried my jaw made this really loud cracking sound and it hurt so badly. dunno whats going on, im wondering if its an infection in my gum or something...dunno...guess i'll find out, but only if i can get a car by thursday. i just worked out when my jaw started hurting. it was the day after i spoke to holly on the phone at the beginning of june.....i talked about this in my first ever entry, so, yeah, that long ago. stupid mouth

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