Saturday, July 13, 2002

just want to add that i have no problem with the visitor at all...that is, unless he has a problem with me, cos i'm still not so sure that he doesn't. it just upsets me to see M upset over something he has no control over. he has things he needs to say, but i dnot think now is really the right time for them to come out.

on a lighter, more exciting note, we're all gonna be in a career girls film clip soon. yay, can't wait. it's on the 4th of august, and all we have to do is dance around to the band i think. which won't be at all hard cos they're so cool and groooovy :)
i've been listening to career girls, blueline medic and dashboard confessional all day today, and i've started playing banjo kazooie and i've already passed three stages i think...all in all, not a bad day. had bacon and eggs for breakfast too, which was nice. what made it nicer was our amazing new frying pan that we got from target on thursday night. AND we got it cheaper cos we used mums staff discount card..wahoo!...yeah, ok, i know it's sad to get excited about a new frying pan. but you should have seen the old one, it was disgusting. we've had the same one for 4 years and it had baked on food on it for...well, probably for that long as well. and when we put it in the dishwasher it'd send all the black crap around the dishwasher and it would stick to all my clean dishes making them dirty and then i'd have to clean them again.
when i was living at home i thought my mum was on something when she used to come home from grocery shopping all happy cos she got a new mop head. she'd try and explain it to me but i never got it. she said it again when i moved out, but i still thought she was stupid.

i so get what she means now.

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