Monday, September 02, 2002


that was from eli. he knows how to say dont touch. he even says it when he's touching something he shouldnt so he knows what it means. i guess he just doesnt like to do it when other people tell him. all males have selective hearing, dont they?

anyway. it's weird weather today. its hot, but cold. and its dull and bright at the same time. i think summer is coming. there were mozzies everywhere last night, and it was 11 pm and we went outside to feed daisy and it was still warm. when i woke up this morning i was warm too, even though it looked cold outside. yeah, summer is coming, spring at least. i'm looking summery today. i have a little white singlet on and blue and white thin cotton three quarter pyjama pants. you know when i was writing that sentance i forgot the e on white both times. anyway
we had a pretty good weekend...oh hang on, my toast just popped... ok. yeah, on saturday matt hung the laundry door. when matts parents got a door hung at their house it took the guy a day and a half and cost them $500. matt did it in half a day, and got it first go. tradesmen dont know anything....aaah, my matty is a handy man :)
i made a nice dinner on saturday night. we had four cheeses pasta, broccolli, peas, corn and carrots, and chicken wrapped in bacon, oh, and garlic bread. it was really nice. yum.
on sunday it was fathers day. matt loved his presents, obviously. i cant remember if ive written what we got him, and i cant be bothered checking so i'll just say. we bought him a carton of beer and a nice t shirt. he loves the t shirt. he wore it yesterday and he's wearing it again today. the beer, well, you should have seen his face. cartons come in two 12 packs now, so i wrapped them seperatley. so i gave him one, and he opened it, and he was smiling and smiling, and he says, 'man, i love these little mini cartons' and i said something like, yeah, they're cute arent they, ok, heres the rest of your present. and it clinked as i picked it up and he just started laughing and calling me a knob. we went to the markets and got a few things. a zurg for xani, and its a real one too, not a macdonalds one, and it still makes its sabre noise, as xander calls it. was only $2 as well, so thats even better. and i also picked up a little ham the pig, and bullseye the horse for 20 cents each. AND something little and cute for holly. i really need a baby girl you know, holly is gonna end up with so much little girl stuff cos i just cant resist buying it.
then we went to matts parents for lunch cos his grandpa was out of the nursing home for fathers day. we had baby spinach (mmmmmmm) and snow pea salad with real parmesan cheese, roasted tomatoes, which, might i say, ROCKED. there was avocado but i gave mine to matt. home made chips/wedges on the side, and swordfish wrapped in proscuittio. SO GOOD. matt had hte one piece of salmon, but i got two pieces of swordfish so thats ok. there was chicken too but i was so full. not full enough to stopmyself eating half of the fruit platter. i dont feel guilty for pigging out on fruit though.
we watched crazy/beautiful last night. kirstin dunst is hot. yep...cant say much else about the movie...kirstin dunst is hot
i got a nice card from sean this morning. i wish i had a bum like hers. like, a bum like hers for my own bum, not just a bum like hers laying around in my house for me to look at and wish i could somehow join it to my body and get rid of my bum. where are thses thoughts coming from? i think i need another cup of tea

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