Tuesday, September 17, 2002

yeah! i just typed code and it worked. i rock.

matt will be home soon. he had to start work at 5am today, poor boy. at least he gets to come home early, thats something i spose. another good thing about him coming home early is that i wont have to deal with the dog food people on my own. they talk and talk and talk and say the same thing and they never listen to what i say. hopefully with matt there too, they might take a bit more notice this time.

i'd really like some toast right now. i hate not having any money.

i meant to actually write something today and now i cant think what it is.

six feet under finished last night. not forever, just for this season. i'm dreading to think what will be on now. something totally crap i bet. it does mean i'll get back to sleep earlier, but i'm gonna miss that show. it's become my favourite since buffy finished for the season. it's gonna be hard when they both start back up again. i'm hoping that when they come back they're on a little bit earlier. i can't stay up late anymore. 10:30-11:00 is about my limit. how boring am i? matts like that too now. i dont know how sean and holly stay up till all hours of the morning, and on the computer too. i know its a really easy time waster but my eyes start to hurt if i stare at the screen tfor too long, especially at night time and especially especially when i'm tired.
i'm glad that the new season of queer as folk is on. i fell in love with that show the second i started watching it. mikey is so sweet. i really like all of the characters. sharyn said taht rory ( the MOST homophobic guy in the world) watches it with her but wont admit taht he likes it. he watches and watches and then when theres a sex scene or a kissing scene he makes all these disgusted noises, but he still watches. you know what they say about the people who hate it the most.....
"i didnt cum in you steve, i swear" lmao
i probably didnt get that quote right but i dont care. jay and silent bob rock.
i emailed cam today to congratulate him and wish him well for his wedding which im guessing is around now.

matts home! seeya

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