Thursday, September 19, 2002

Find your inner Smurf!

i really thought id be sleepy smurf

You just can't seem to make up your mind wich of the sexy men you are going to stake claim to! You seem to like to have your cake and eat it too. Why not give your ex husband, Jack, another chance. He is crazy about you
and has proven time and again his loyalty to you. What more do you want?! If you keep putting him off you may end up a bitter, old, and lonely gossip column journalist!

~Which Days of Our Lives Diva are you? ~

he he he, jack and jennifer were always my favourite DOOL couple....i dont say DOOL, btw, i just wanted to say it then. anyway, jack and jennifer. i liked the originals best. apparently theres a website somewhere that you can sign that is devoted to getting the original jack and jen back. i might start watching it again then. although, that may not ahppen for a few years, im sure the same stuff will still be happening so i'll know whats going on.

i promised myself i wouldnt do anymore quizzes for a while. but then i found that smurf one and i couldnt resist.

the vines played on rove last night. i am yet to be impressed by the vines. i saw them when they played with you am i when i was pregnant with eli and they were ok. nothing special. i remember saying to matt that he could have played and no one would have known the difference, ( not meaning that in a bad way, of course), and he agreed. we got given a free demo ep, which has been selling on ebay for around $300. i might have to dig mine out and sell it. $300 would be handy right now. anyway. they were really bad. im not sure if they are bad, or if they were pretending to be bad, or if it was just the singer who was bad/or pretending to be bad, whether the singer was drunk/ondrugs/both or pretending. they're just trying to emulate early 90's grunge and they arent even doing taht well. they look just like any other band that came out at that time, except that i wouldnt have even looked twice at them back then. the singer even practically fell on rove when he tried to shake his hand at the end. dumbass. he is so not cool.

the foo fighters were on too, and while their song didnt make me go wow like they normally do, they were way more entertaining than the vines. dave is hot. id have sex with him definatley. oh, is sean listening? id have sex with orlando bloom too, as myslef and/or as a comic book character :) tehee

at this point i would like to share with you my celebrity name, courtesy of, i think. i didnt keep note of the addy.

me : celestine wonder
matt : merwyn foo foo (lmao)
sean : studd le void
holly : honey glitter

holly got a cool name. sticky and sparkley :)

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