Monday, September 09, 2002

i just scanned my hair and sent it to sean. it turned out more red than purple and it actually looks ok there.
i was doing a search for something the other day and came across a site called margarine - americas favourite spread. i find that disgusting, ( or as xander would say, biscusting). it's not honey, or peanut butter, or jam, its margarine. and would you like me to tell you something? well, you know, you probably wouldnt but i will. margarine isnt really yellow, its grey. they put yellow colouring in it to make it look more appealing. that said, i still eat it, but i think about that everytime i do.
sean and holly's pressie is fiiin-isshed. and it's about time. i'm quite happy with the contents of this one and i think they will be too. xander even made something for them and it's so funny. i'd just like to point out at this point for sean and holly to remember that i didnt help him or offer any advice at all in these things, it was all him. i simply wrote what i was told.

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