Sunday, September 22, 2002

oh yeah, i forgot to tell you. matt cought a mouse in the lounge room last night. he set a trap for them near the heater cos thats where they're getting in. i thought i'd hear it snap but i didnt. eli was up all night so we were up and down all night too. matt went and checked the trap as i was getting up to go to the toilet. i heard the plastic in the bin crackling and i knew he'd cought one. he said he'd gotten rid of it. i like mice. im not scared of them or anything. i just dont fancy seeing a stiff dead one on my floor or in my bin. so what do you think happens? i get up this morning and walk into the kitchen and the sunlight shining through the window highlights the outline of a very stiff, very dead mouse laying in the bin. matt thought it was funny but apologised.
yeah, real funny, i thought.poor mousies. i know i know, they cant live in the house with us, but i hate killing them. the one matt got last night could have had babies :(

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