Tuesday, September 24, 2002

could my life possibly get any worse?
mum came over this morning so that i could go over to colonnades andhave some 'me' time. in that me time i needed to put some films in to be developed, buy bread and butter, go to the bank and pay my rego which was due on the 16th.
as i pulled into colonnades carpark, a policeman called me over and told me i was driving an unregistered vehicle, and it didnt matter that i had my rego papers in my hand, proving that i was going to pay for it right then, the fact was that i was breaking the law and was to be given a fine and a summons for a court appearance. 'its not my fault you cant prioritise your life' fuck you pig, my priorities lie with my kids and my family, feeding them and making sure they're warm and safe is my priority. if i could afford to pay my rego, i would have. if i could afford to take a taxi to the bank and to motor registration, i would have. but the thing is, i couldnt and i was paying it the first chance i could. he had the authority to give me a warning and let me off since it's my first offence, but no, he had to do the whole thing and be an arsehole about it. fuck head.
i was crying the whole time. i went to see mary but she wasnt there. another lady spoke to me and she said she'd drive me to motor rego cos i wasnt allowed to drive my car there, then she drove me back to colonnades to get my car. i felt so bad for her haviong to do that. i know its her job to councel people but im not her client. i dont know how many times i apologised to her.
then i got home, still crying, kept crying till mum left, cos she had to go to work and couldnt stay. then i rang matt to tell him what happened and he said, 'dont worry, get over it, its nothing'. and i know in the whole scheme of things it is nothing but its not nothing to me. im feeling bad enough as it is at the moment, i dont need this

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