Friday, September 13, 2002

update on my family :

me : my tongue is sore around my tongue bar. i dont know why. also, my back still hurts in the exact same spot as it has since thursday of last week
matt : tired tired tired boy. keeps falling asleep, even while SVU is on!
xander : cant say a sentence without coughing
eli : cough snot cough snot cough snot cough snot etc etc
daisy : sooky cos everyone is sick and cant play with her

i walked down to the post offince this morning to pay my rego and my card wasnt in my purse. i think i left it at shopping last night although i bet its in matts car and he just couldnt find it. i probably should have said 'if i go in there and find it...' like a good mummy, then he would have found it.
i also bought a sweet little doll for holly for 50 cents and posted a letter. and its only 12 oclock. i'm quite the productive one today.

im sorry for how slow the page takes to load. im addicted to quizzes, i cant help it. i need to know all thses can see how important it is to know which nsync hairstyle i am, cant you? neither can i but thats the thing with addictions, most of them dont make sense

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