Friday, September 06, 2002

we went to the show yesterday. i've woken up with a headache, and eli was delirious last night. he cried through the night but put himself back to sleep. i realised in the morning that it was because he had spewed all over himself. poor little guy. bad bad mummy.
i got the new woman showbag after seeing the faerie winks one and realising, even though i knew before, that there was no way in the history of the world that i was going to fit into any of it. but matt bought me too tiaras, so that made up for it. they are both silver and one has purple feathery bits and the other one has blue. he also bought me a pretty necklace. we spent a total of $120. really, it was only $20 because matts mum gave us $100, but i still feel bad. xander went on some rides. one he cried and kept saying, 'ive had enough, i've had enough' and the other he had a very solem face until about 5 seconds before it finished when he started smiling. we paid $5 and he had a go on this game where you get a hook on a stick and you have to catch these plastic ducks and they have a number under them. he got a pack of three cars and a water pistol. you should have seen his face when he got the water pistol. that made the whole day worth it. ive been saying no to guns of any kind for so long now. the only ones he's played with really are the weapons with the star wars guys, but we take them away after a while. he was squirting everyone and he's even given up his morning tv to be outside and squirting the dog. me: 'did you squirt daisy?' xander: 'with my water pistol, that's what i do :)'
matt got a cantina band member mask for $15. matt: 'i'm incorrectly named, barquin dan'. and we got a couple of things for some certain someones. we looked everywhere for the pretty girly bags for holly but there didnt seem to be any. i took my list and everything and i only found a couple that she wanted, so i got her a tried and true one. she'll love it. matt is jealous of seans showbag. he wanted to open it and i said no. all day yesterday, xander kept saying, 'dont touch that dad, that's seans'.
you should have heard eli when we saw all the piglets. he went off. kicking and pointing and yelling some incoherrant babble. there was this huge mummy pig, and all these babies fighting to get milk from her. most of them had a little system where there was a bottom row of piglets, and a top row that was directly on top of the bottom row, so all you saw was two little curly tails on top of each other. reminded me of something on a cd that matt was sent.... they were just laying right on top with their foor little legs on either side of the bottom ones. and then there were the extras digging around wherever they could. elijah was stoked. he liked the cows and the chickens too. i took him into the hands on part, the agricultural learning centre, and i got to hold a baby chicken. and i showed eli and he almost ripped its head off with excitement. xander got the hot wheels showbag and eli got the thomas showbag and we are going to share some bertie beetle, cherry ripe, fruit tingles and smarties bags.
all in all, a huge waste of money but a good day anyway :)

holly emailed me. well, she emailed matt and i to say that she got to california safe and well, which i am so proud of her for. and she said that if either of us wanted to write to her, we could. i thought that was nice. i wonder if she got matts card yet or not. he sent it to her hotmail addy incase she couldnt get into her normal mail, but she didnt say anything. i hope she likes it.

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