Friday, September 20, 2002

this is from the punkarella mailing list that i am on. we've been discussing the vines/the strokes and either a) how much they are try hard posers b) how much they rock c) how much we dont care about them or d) can we please shut up about the strokes and the vines and talk about you am i, the new cd comes out in a week or so goddammit!!!!!!. can you guess which one i'm going with?

anyway, i just liked this comment...made me giggle

But I think all slightly rock'n'roll image conscious
young men should be grateful that The Strokes have awakened little
girls to the dirty side of music again, even if it is a pasteurised
version of the dirty side.

dirty music. that reminds me of the rocky horror picture show.
ta ta ta ta ta ta touch me
i wanna get diiiirty

dammit janet, you sexy thang

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