Wednesday, September 25, 2002

'yeeeeah, dont let it go to waste
i love it but i hate the taste
and you keep holding me down'

foo fighters


on another foo fighters note, i got an email through the punkarella list that said that the foo fighters played at this gig to raise awareness that HIV does not tlead to AIDS, that its the medicine that the doctors give you that gives you AIDS. what the? apparently the bass player, i think, could be guitarist, but anyway, he found out about it and deicided they should play this gig. there were flyers being handed out and everything. i dont know about that. for a band that big to play at something like that has got to be a little scary, dont you think?
good news for today though is that they played an unreleased nirvana song on the radio this morning. the radio station stole it off the internet. matt called me and said, just grab a tape and record it. so thats what i did, and then when it was finished i played the tape to see what i taped over and it was matts old band anakin. they were so bad. chad came over the other day, he was the guitarist for anakin, and he says, 'when ross gets back we should have an anakin reunion and play some gigs'. yeah, or not.
sean and holly got bit parts in the new view askew movie jersey girl. how cool is that! i wish matt and i did too, but i know we're too far away. hee hee, thats so cool.
matt caught a mouse in our new humane mousetrap last night. xander was awake this morning when he found it. he was originally going to drop it off at lonsdale somewhere on his way to work, but xander wanted to see it so i think he just let it go up the road which means, of course, that it'll be back. i asked xander about it afterwards and he said that the mouse cried when it got let out and that it had to run really fast cos it was raining.
he also said something the other day which made me think he was like, some amazingly gifted child. he was eating a green iceblock, and he said to me, 'green tastes like wind'. and ithought, thats beautiful, you are so clever. that is until this morning when he has an orange iceblock and tells me that orange tastes like wind. maybe its a different kind of wind, i dont know.

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