Sunday, September 08, 2002

i signed up with a website called school friends. it's so weird seeing all those names there. like i walked into bizarro world, i mean, my first real boyfriend was did i write that without laughing? its not like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. the funniest thing about that relationship that i remember is hanging around in the change rooms after PE and i think it was danuta jablonska? maybe, said she'd give me a dollar if i went out with him. and then afterwards she said she couldnt pay me because if she did she would be contributing to my first steps into prostitution. lmao.
my first real real boyfriend is in there too. *waves to mark :)*
what's weird is that most of us are married/with someone and have kids. like, not just one, but 2 or 3. oh, and for anyone who's visiting from that site and is wondering how sharyn is doing, (yes we're still friends), she's living with her boyfriend and has two kids called isaac and cooper, who are around the same ages as my boys and NO we didnt plan it.
i dont think anything will come of me adding my name there. i doubt people would be looking for me for any particular reason. also, i doubt many people have paid the $19.95 to actually write to people so we'll all sit there and check our messages and wait for people to write and nothing will happen. i dont know what i'd do if someone did try to contact me. it's not like i had a huge circle of friends at school anyway, but....would be nice to see jake again....
although, in a totally selfish and self serving way, i would like to take this chance to say to the boys of my year 12 home group, (well, to anyone who thought that plaits and cord pants werent the 'right' thing to wear) i am SO ahead of fashion.....falls about laughing, teehee

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