Friday, September 06, 2002

complaints for the moment:

every single mandarin i have eaten today has had an average of 4 pips per piece
my back is the sorest it has been in a long long while, even compared to while i was pregnant
panadol doesnt work, i dont care what the packets say, i'm taking 6
my house is messy, no matter how much i clean it
it'd be nice to wash my hair today but i doubt i'll be able to
i bought a hair dye cos it was on special but i dunno if im game enough to do it....hang on, i'll see if theres a website with the colour..
ok, there is but there isnt a link to copy. it's cinnamon from loreal feria, number 55....dunno about it yet
and enetation being on and offy

ok, thats all for now
return to your places of business

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