Wednesday, September 11, 2002

well, i checked my letter box and there it was. a postcard for matt from niagara falls. well beth, i dunno, maybe matts theory about it being posted to sean was wrong. or maybe....yeah, hang on, i think i'm getting somewhere here....yep....maybe the reason it took so long to get here even though they were all posted on the same day was because it did get to seans, and he didnt get around to burning it cos he was checking my blog first (cos, you know, everyone out there are avid readers of my goings on), he saw that we'd cracked his scheme and posted it off again, thus getting it here without too mush suspicion. *nods knowingly* yeah, so what do you think about that huh??? or, yeah, i know, it could be because the postal system is sucky. i mean, thats a possibility, but so is our theory, so there. ner.

ow my back is sore

both my boys are sickies. eli is sleeping all the time and when he wakes up he's all drowsy and falling over and looks like he's gonna sleep again at any minute and they're both coughing and snotting everywhere. poor guys. its hard to explain to xander that running around outside naked isnt going to help him get better. he says he likes being sick cos he likes the medicine.

i've still got a headache. grrr

i was supposed to go to a massage class on how to help with headaches yesterday, but i forgot. the car seats were in matts car too, but i probably shouldnt have gone even if i could with the boys being sick.

so today i have more washing to do and i have to wash the floors. i dont know how i'm going to fit everything in my room again cos we changed it around the other night and now i dont have a dressing table which means all my clothes at the moment are squashed into a draw and a shelf and thats it. i dont even have a bedside table. right now i have some cute little old suitcases there, but they arent that sturdy realy. i need a funky little bedside dram thing, i think. maybe i'll go op shopping again this weekend and see what i can pick up. i'm pretty sure the market is on this sunday, there might be something there.

xander is doing a poo and he's amking a face like cameron from ferris bueller.

and on that note, seeya later :)

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