Monday, September 30, 2002

i have an owie sicky tummy today. i'm very grumpy. i cant go to the city to pick up my you am i cd and free t shirt. marc and lyndell broke up cos marc thinks he might like someone else and lyndell is so upset. matt is mad at me for being mad at marc. im only mad because he's doing all this stuff like getting alices phone number in front of lyndell. if he doesnt love her anymore, than thats sad but thats the way it has to be. lyndell is devastated. she keeps crying and crying. the part that has hurt her the most is that all this time marc's been really over protective of her, getting mad when a guy even looks at her and she happens to look back. and now he's being pretty aloof about the whole thing. not giving any answers and leaving her waiting. thats why she broke up with him, cos she didnt think it was fair that she had to hang around and wait till marc made up his mind. i made her cookies. partly to cheer her up, partly to make her eat something cos she hasnt eaten since wednesday. she had half of one. poor girl. i'm gonna ring her later and see how she's going.
my tummy hurts :(

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