Wednesday, September 11, 2002

i like this boy

he should have a comments thing or an email addy.

brett brought me over some videos of us when we were little. it was from about 1984 onwards when we used to do this thing called adventurers and explorers with our dad. it was this thing where every tuesday, i had to go to some girls house with dad and sing a song, read a story and do something crafty. we also had these oath things we had to say.

something like

to be friends forever with my dad
to honour the circle of my family
to better the land in which i live
to love thy neighbour as thyself

and there was one more, but i cant remember

anyway, we'd go on these camps 4 or 5 times a year. there was a summer, autumn, winter and spring camp that was with all the other groups in adelaide, and then a family camp which my dad organised. he had this crappy old video camera. not super 8, cos that would have been cool. and i was watching these videos and seeing myself running aorund as an 8 year old, doing handstands, roller skating, playing games. and all this time, dad is doing all of these things with other girls, and the only time im in the picture is when someone else is. then after a couple of years of video, he hugs me, after i follow him around for ages. he even calls aaron 'bubby' (his nick name when he was a baby) on the family camp and talks to him like he actually does like him. its weird. and he fims mum and keeps the camera on her when she's dancing.
it's really strange seeing all this. i actually look happy in some of those shots. a lot of the time i'm sooky, just like i am now. and in one part i'm wearing a terry towelling shorts/singlet set in pink and navy blue. my bum looks hot for a 10 year old.


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