Wednesday, September 04, 2002

i'm really about ready to lock myself in a nice padded room. at first i thought about locking xander in there, but then i realised that i probably wouldnt even need a pillow in a padded room. all i'd need would be a few good books, a cd player and some good music. and my computer. and a kettle, tea bags, honey, bread, a toaster, some water, milk, butter, a fridge to keep the milk and the butter cold, and a blanket...oh and a spoon and a knife. hang on, thats not really, 'all i'd need'. it'd probably be a better idea getting my kitchen padded and locking myself in here. and sounde proofed too so i wouldnt have to listen to the kids banging and screaming at the door.
well, i have a bit of research to do before i can finish seans present. i need to make it as realistic but crap as possible. this is kinda hard, but once you get started, pretty easy. i did it with the 100% authentic aussie kit i made for his last present. i thought it looked pretty authentic from the outside, and the little animals were good too. it was just the back drop that made it crap and that was my favourite part.

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