Friday, August 30, 2002

i love target. i love shopping there. no matter what, i can usually find something reasonably priced to waste my money on there. last night for instance, i bought a denim skirt for $12. thats a bargain in itself until you find out that it was marked down from $40. i also bought a new bra. it wasnt marked down but it was so cute i had to buy it. also, because i think that my boobs are starting to fill out, like, my body is starting to get back to normal after having the babies. i was wearing my favourite bra, a nice little push up nummber in creamy satin, size 14 A, and everytime i moved the wrong way, my nipples would pop out of it. so last night i saw this cute little bra with cherries on it and it was $15 and im now a 14 B. lets see...what other bargains did we find there...oh, i found a video for matt. lolita with jeremy irons and dominique swain, special edition with deleted scenes and movie trailers for $8, marked down from $ pair of pyjama pants marked down from $20 to $6. they had a broken ribbon so i fixed it, good as new now...ummm, maybe that was all..oh no, we bought a nice thermal blanket for the bed. it's herringbone pattern and goes perfectly with our room, well, at least it will when it gets painted. and we got that for $32, marked down from $50. and also a new frying pan, but that wasnt on special. so, all in all, we spent heaps of money that we couldnt really afford, but got lots of stuff.
we also bought sean something but im not teling what it is, im sure he'll like it though.
we're going to the show on tuesday. im looking forward to seeing the animals and getting a new tiara cos the one i got last year broke. im getting the faerie winks showbag. its got a tiara, a wand, some wings and a tutu in it. im getting the boys the bertie beetle show bag. its only a dollar, but its got chocolate in it so they'll love it. matts mum will probably buy them a crappy plastic one.
i want some faerie floss too.

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