Saturday, August 24, 2002

matt's working today. we were supposed to be building things to sell so we can save for sydney but brett rang him and asked him to take out a kitchen for kristins mums friend, so he's doing it. we owe brett lots for all the help he's given us in fixing up our house so matt pretty much had to go, but for some reason i was really looking forward to spending today with him. i dont know why.
matt sent a card to holly last night and got all nervous about whether she'd call or not. she didnt but i told him it was probably because she was tired. she wrote to him, so i guess it'll explain it in here subject line she seemed happy enough, not that he had anything to worry about in the first place, but, you know boys, always over reacting. i havent gotten anything back from sean yet. i hope i wrote the right address on his card....hmmm.....wondering now.

i might do insidey craft today. candle holders and such. first of all i need some socks cos im freezing. i'm also going to try and invent something that keeps matt on his side of the bed, and not sleeping right on top of me or diagonally so i'm all crunched in a ball. i'm thinking seperate beds, but that's just too easy. some sort of rope and pulley system maybe? or perhaps i'll just tie one hand and one foot to the corresponding bedposts, that way he'll be all for it cos it's like bondage and i'll get a good nights sleep cos he'll be limited to his side of the bed.....aaaaah, what a stroke of genius....teehee, i said stroke.

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