Wednesday, August 14, 2002

i have this thing where i need to fit in as many dishes as i can into the dishwasher. and usually, matt gives up a lot earlier than i do. maybe it has a bit to do with the fact that the more dishes i stack in there, the less i actually have to wash myself, but i think that it's more to do with the challenge of beating the dishwasher at its own game. you see, when we moved in, the dishwasher was set up the way ruth would have liked it. i used it like that a bit, but then i realised that the racks can be moved around, and, lo and behold, you dont even need to use all of them. so i took some out. one i use for draining the bottles, the others are just stacked in a cupboard somewher. so now, i can put more saucpans and stuff in the bottom, whereas before they'd get caught on the racks and i couldn't stuff as much in. i like finding the little hidey spaces underneath the big pots and sticking little bowls in there.

yeah dishwasher! you clean those dishes...ALL OF THEM!!!

i just watched high fidelity on dvd......yay

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