Friday, August 02, 2002

aaalrighty. went to the doctors today and had the most uncomfortable pap smear i've ever had. wasnt nice and i bled. she said it wasnt a lot of blood. i said i would have prefered no blood. i'll get the results in a week.

i'm feeling a bit sicky today but it's all caused by me so i dont expect any sympathy. i had a spinach and fetta roll for lunch, that was yummy. but then mum bought us a vanilla slice for desert and then she pulls out a willy wonka mud sludge bar. i put the chocolate in the fridge but it didnt last long there. so now im all full and fat and icky AND i bought myself another pair of trackpants. they're for yoga, so that makes it a little better. wasnt like i just bought them for the hell of it. they're kinda cute. grey with red piping down the side and up the top they say stars 84. i was six in 1984. i liked being 6. i was in year 2 and in my shcool photo i'm wearing a pink and grey outfit with a poodle on my skirt and my hair is all wavy and frizzy cos my mum put it in plaits the night before. i have blue sneakers on, and you can't really tell from the photo, but i'm sure my shoelaces are strawberry shortcake ones.
when i was in reception, i wet my pants in class one day and i had to go up to the office and wear some of the lost property pants. they were bright pink and had a patch thing sewed on to them up about knee to mid thigh height of a flower. i really liked those pants.
when i started at that school there were less than 100 kids there and we were all in these little portable classrooms around the quadrangle. there was a bit of an oval but mostly it was surrounded by paddocks. it'd be good to be able to send my kids somewhere like that but they're going to have to grow up with buildings everywhere.....pretty sucky.

i'm sad that holly has moved her blog. i know that it was supposed to be just for her, and that i wasnt meant to get the address in the first place but i liked being able to read what she was feeling and getting up to since we dont talk anymore. even when we are on speaking terms we dont really talk so it was really my only means of communication with her. now i just have to wonder. i know i can ask through sean how she is but it was good seeing it for myself without having to hear it through sean. i know he wouldnt lie to me but i liked seeing it with my own eyes.

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