Monday, August 19, 2002

hang on a sec....let me just check something here.....*counting my fingers, toes, and any other useful appendage*....last night i came for the first time in about 10 weeks.....thats almost three months.....and yeah, it was pretty nice AND i didnt cry.
i think things are looking up.

matt and i put some music to my song down sounds pretty cool. at the moment its just me singing and him playing guitar. marc played some drums on the table for a bit, but we havent worked out if we're going to have a proper band with it or just record it as me and him on a four track. eeeep, scary stuff.

over the last few nights we'rve been watching polyester, hairspray and pecker, three movies that sean and holly sent over for us. they're all set in baltimore, where they live, so it was cool to see all those places. we want to go there now. not that we didnt before, its just that now we've really seen it, we want to go there more. we want to have lunch in a diner and go shopping in peckers mums store and go to gay bars. ok, i know it probably doesnt all happen there, cos, you know, they are just movies, but it's nice to dream

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