Thursday, August 08, 2002

ok, now down to business. when i was about 18 i went to a blink-182 concert at the tivoli. i bought 2 tickets, one for me and one for my boyfriend at the time, darren....why i went out with him, i dont know...he had jack daniels and was under cover when it was raining...anyway. so i went there and he breaks up with me for, get this, being too bubbly and energetic for him. stupid boy. so there i am with the fun taken out of me and the anger put in, and im pacing around in the foyer and this nice blonde boy smiles at me and asks me whats wrong. so i sit at the table and talk to him till blink starts the wave and smile on the way out. then i go home and dream about him in an 18 year old way. then it occurs to me, 'write to him care of blink!' so i do. and he writes back and i write back and that goes on for a while and everything is happy. i was even saving money to go visit him cos i didnt have any other plans for my money and a holiday was as good a thing as any, and hello! i'd be hanging out with blink, yay....then theres a fire in san diego, and i freak out and call him, but all i can get is his answering machine. he writes back to say how wonderful i am for calling and then i write back and then thats it.
i of course wonder what i've done wrong until i work out that he must have gotten a girlfriend and she didnt want him writing to me, so i gave up after a while. still thought of him occasionally, of course, but i forgot about him kinda.
when i got my computer i thought, wow, i can look for cam now. so i did, and i never found anything other than his address and phone number which i already had so, nothing new there.
then i found a new search engine so i thought i'd check again, since i'd been cleaning out some of my old stuff, and i'd found my old letters from him. so i did. and i found a new site that i hadnt seen before, and even though it didnt seem to have anything to do with him, i looked at it anyway.
so there were photos of him dressed as an alien, taken by a friend of his called kerry. i emailed kerry and he wrote back, giving me cam's email address. so i wrote to him, freaking out of course, wondering if he remembered me, or even worse, if he did remember but wanted to forget. but of course, he remembered, and he was sweet about it, and nice and all that, and even remembered how we met, asking me what i'd been up to ever since that boy was so mean to me.
now, the weirder parts come into play here. that kerry guy i emailed was in brisbane the day he got the email, and coming to adelaide the next day...hows that for timing.
AND, even weirder, i was telling sean about him, and how i found him again, and how cam's band was called boyish charms. seans band type 40 was on a compliation album with boyish charms. bizzarro much.
oh, and the weirdest freakiest part is that my answering machine message to cam is on the first boyish charms album...eeeeep!
i wanna hear it :)

ok, thats about it. best get back to the real world.

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