Saturday, August 03, 2002

we got up early and drove down to victor harbour this morning. matt had a quick job to do, and after that we drove up to the bluff for a bush walk. xander has been asking to go for weeks, and after matt and i went last weekend we felt like going again. last night i saw the weather forecast for today and it said 13 and rainy. which means down at victor it would only be about 10. i said, maybe we could go on another day? nope, we went anyway. we got out of the car up at the bluff and i could hardly open the car door because the wind was so strong. i said, maybe we could go somewhere else? somewhere not so high and windy? nope, we went anyway. with eli in the back pack and bothe the boys rugged up in beanies and parkas we trudged up the hill to the top. on the way up it was fine. the air was really cold and hurt my lungs a bit, but i was ok and the boys were enjoying themselves. eli was bouncing up and down, waving his arms around yelling, 'xander xander xander!!' excited little thing. but then we got to the top. there was no wind or rain cover and it started pelting down. rain that hurts when it hits you. the boys were screaming, matt ended up trying to carry xander and then we lost eli's hat and i was holding xans behind a big rock and he was screaming and shaking. we ran down the hill and back to the car, got in and started driving, and xander says, 'lets go bushwalking'.

we drove down to middleton beach and saw some whales. well, one whale, but it was still cool. jumping out of the water and splashing its tail around. it wasnt that far out either. i wish we'd gone yesterday or the day before, there was something like 4 whales down there then, mums and babies. cute.

then we drove through goolwa to milang and sat near matts nan's shack for a while. we were thinking that that might be a nice place to take sean and holly. it would depend on what time of the year they get here, but it still might be nice to get away for a night or two. its right on the lake and there are some antique shops around there, and muesumy kinds of things.

it rained so hard on the way home that it woke me up cos i thought the boys were playing in a whole mess of hugs plastic bags. it was this crinkling, crushing, crashing sound that totally surrounded the car. it was so SO loud.
we saw lots of cows and sheep and horses, a few goats and a wallaby...oh, and a camel.

and matt and xander got swooped by pluvers on purpose. freaks.

we're supposed to be going into the city for the career girls filmclip tomorrow except they havent let anyone know what time to be there. i reckon marc should ring andy since he's so in love with him and ask him himself but he says he'd look too desperate. of course, he's saying all of this in a totally ungay way, but it still makes matt and i have a bit of a giggle.

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