Tuesday, August 13, 2002

headachey again...grr. i think it's all the reading i've been doing, and thinking about all the reading i want to do. matt bought me 'the flower boy' which is a beautiful story about a sinhalese boy named chandi who grows up on an english tea estate. he becomes best friends with elizabeth, who chandi renames rose-lizzie, one of the daughters of the sudu mahatya, the owner of glencairn, when she is born on his birthday when he is 4 years old. chandi is 17 now, and rose lizzie is 13, the war is over and all the english people must return to england and they dont know what is going to happen to chandi or prmawathi, his mum, who john, the sudu mahatya, has fallen in love with. i love all the sinhalese words. its a good book.
after that i have a choice of reading atonement or return to peyton place, which i found at goodwill on saturday during our retro/kitcsh shopping spree. i bought peyton place a couple of years ago under the same circumstances and absolutely loved it. i couldnt stop reading it. im hoping that the second book will be just as good or better.
my car is sick but it's getting fixed. it's going to cost $233 for the new radiator. i'm going to have to sell it. we looked at a corolla on saturday. it was realy nice, and when i sat in it i didnt freak out, so thats a good sign. only thing is that it's $3000 and we're only looking at spending $1500 at the most...basically whatever we can get for my car. i've had an offer of $500, but thats from a car yard guy. i'm wondering if the car yard that has the corolla will take my car as a trade in...i guess i should find out. it's a manual, but the gears seem easy enough...nice little gear box and an easy clutch.
i wonder how good mandarins are for you. i eat about three bags a week, minus the few that the boys eat. they are so yummy, and good for me...well, i dunno how good, but they're fruit so they cant be bad. i would, of course, prefer to be snacking on chocolate but i've already eaten my cherry ripe. im debating walking up the shops later and buying some chocolate but elijah isnt very well. poor little guy. he didnt sleep well last night and when he woke up this morning he was all sooky and snuggly and his eyes were puffy and sleepy. i took his temperature and it was up to 38 which isnt real good. he's had panadol now and he's in bed so i'll see how he is when he wakes up.
we got a dvd player yesterday, and a new video player. we also got three dvds for free plus 5 more but we have to send away fro them. we got lord of the rings, moulin rouge and cats and dogs. we also borrowed shrek off of matts parents and we watched that last night. xander loves it and he calls it frick so we keep asking him to say the name of the movie over and over, and he says, its not a movie, its a dvd. we bought high fidelity as well....ahhh john cusack, my would be celebrity boyfriend. hopefully we'll get to watch it tonight. it's got deleted scenes on it as well :
top five worst things
records for sale
all time hot 100
laura and liz
top five dream jobs
sonic death monkey
the interview

cant wait

we also found another of those sci-fi collection movies, the wasp woman, so now we have four alnog with the eye creature (ufo's from outerspace), killers from space and attack of the giant leeches. we've still got all the movies sean and holly sent over to watch, plus about 6 weeks worth of six feet under to catch up on. i dont know when we'll find the time

the outdoor type
smudge, covered by the lemonheads

always had a roof above me
always paid the rent
but I've never set foot inside a tent
can't build a fire to save my life
i lied about being the outdoor type

i've never slept out underneath the stars,
the closest that i came to that was one time my car
broke down for an hour in the suburbs at night
i lied about being the outdoor type.

too scared to let you know, you knew what you were looking for
i lied until I fit the bill, god bless the great indoors
i lied about being the outdoor type
i've never owned a sleeping bag let alone a mountain bike

i can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
what if somethings on tv and its never shown again?
its just as well i'm not invited, i'm afraid of heights
i lied about being the outdoor type

never learned to swim can't grow a beard or even fight
i lied about being the outdoor type

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