Thursday, August 08, 2002

PART 1....divided into parts cos i'm doing lots of quizzes :)

went to yoga today. it's a weird thing. for a while i was into learning about the gorean way of life. there is now way in the world i could do it, even on line, i dont reckon, but i like learning new things so i looked into it. anyway, after hanging around in gor rooms for a while, i found out that it was definately not my thing, BUT that i did like some things about it, like the poses, but i couldnt say why. so many of the yoga poses are gorean poses. and what kamina was reading today about the giving of yourself, taking in the good, breathing out the bad, readying yourself for what you can give to the day, it's all kinda like fixing yourself up for a day of serving some ignorant pig of a Master....or if you're extremely lucky, a nice Master.

i much prefer yoga.

now, i'm gonna steal holly's quizzes.....

26/9/2002 yep, i stole holly's quizzes then today i stole them and put them on my new'll have to go there if you wanna see them

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