Friday, August 23, 2002

laa laa lalalaa lalaaa la la laa la, la laa laa laa lala laaaa and so on and so on....
i watch too much sesame street, i know, but that 'sing' song always makes me feel good.
sean and holly are back from their holiday to niagra falls and i was talking to one of the mums from playgroup and she is just back from baltimore where she went for a job as a nurse at john hopkins hospital. weird. really, you know, they should just swap houses, i mean, how simple would that be.
its fathers day in 2 weeks, i think. im not getting dad anything and i wont get him anything for his birthday either and then he'll ring and complain and whine to me about how we never give him anything. oh, the hipocrisy....(yeah, sure jen, you can have the kids beds and i'll have the good lounge, the good plates and the good cutlery and the good glasses? sound fair to you? great...) i'm getting matt a carton of beer. i think that'll be the best present he would have gotten for along while.
we were going to go to a car boot sale ( what do i need a new car boot for, you ask? oh you ARE a comedian :) ) on saturday and i was hoping to find him something funky there for fathers day or his birthday which is soon too, but now he has to help brett pull someones kitchen apart so we cant and anyway, we only have $40 and we both need petrol so we cant go spending our money on useless tackybutcool art deco items this weekend..... :( that sucks. i was looking forward to that.
i bought holly a present for her birthday yesterday. i also bought a box to send the cds in that i thought she'd like but then i bought the other present and it doesnt fit so...yeah....she'll like it though...i hope. i'm not about to say what it is though cos i have a sneaking suspicion that maybe she stops by here sometimes and has a peek around??? which im 100% totally ok with of course, and i like it too. i like that she's taking an interest in me and how and what im's me that she cares...i mean, i know she does, but its the little things that make a difference you know. things like knowing she stops by here occasionally means a lot to me.
tomorrow im going to get all dressed up cool but conservative and take my resume into angus and robertson bookworld. i stopped in there last night and asked if they had any jobs going and the guy goes, 'wow, we've just had someone resign' and i said, 'well, it must be meant to be, when do i start?' and he laughed a bit and asked for my resume which, of course, i didnt have because going in there was planned cos i love that store, but going in there and asking for a job wasnt planned. so i said id come back with a resume soon. which will hopefully be tomorrow if i can get it from matts mums quick enough.
wow, ive written lots about nothing today.
im gonna hang around out the front of the m-one concert and watch for the whitlams and see if jak and pai remember me and see if they can get me in for free, cos it costs $100 and i dont really want to see the other bands. garbage would be cool, but im not all that interested in seeing them or not. its all *very* triple m and im surprised that the whits are playing there actually. billy idol! sheesh....they're also going to be playing 2 hours from sydney when we're there but that costs $65 cos its a wine tasting thing as well, with lots of other bands, and we cant really afford that either.

alrighty, time for a cuppa and some bad childrens programming

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