Tuesday, August 27, 2002

find out who your buffy boyfriend is

Who is your dream date?

Congratulations, meet your dream date ....

I'm ">Oz. I'm in a band. And I'm a werewolf.

Quiet, but talented, Oz may seem to be a bit unexciting at first look. Don't dismiss him out of hand, though - this guy plays guitar, has his own van and has a biting sense of humour. There are other things about him that the unwary may be surprised by - just make sure your first date doesn't fall on the full moon! Perhaps a trip to the Bronze to watch his band might be the way to his heart?

and while we're at it, why dont we have a look at pretty willow :)

Don't take Willow for granted - at first glance she might be your average science geek, but her awesome intellect and sweet nature will keep you entertained and enlightened. We'd caution crossing her though - she's got some powerful Wicca magic at her disposal. For your date, we'd suggest a visit to the local museum, and perhaps a coffee later?

mmmm, i could so kiss her

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