Sunday, October 31, 2004

dre e e e eam, dream dream dre eam

i start work on tuesday. i'll be working as a librarian. being a librarian was my first wish when asked what i wanted to be when i grow up. now, when i eventually do grow up, i'll be all organised and know what it's gonna be like.
i've gone out and bought some sexy/funky clothes. im so gonna be the favourite librarian around there.

regardless of whether or not i can do my job, people are gonna ask me questions just so they can talk to me. now, i know this for a fact, so stop huffing and guffawing. i just have a quick favour to ask everyone who'll be coming my way in the coming weeks, could you ask me something fun and interesting? please? i hate working. i really do. when i was working at bunnings i averaged one sick day per fortnight purely because i couldnt stand the place. im dreading this happening with my new super sexy library job so i need everyone's help in ensuring i keep interested and unbored.
that said, im subconsciously freaking out about work.
i dreamed (dreamt? as a librarian i should know that. oh well, i'll wait till tuesday to find out, im not a librarian yet, sheesh) i was working. they made me work fucking hard. all day. hours and hours. and hours. and hours and hours. with no break. and by the end of the day i was so achey and sore and tired. i went home and i cried and fell asleep and when i woke up the next morning i realised i'd slept in and even though i was so sore, when they rang me and yeled at me to come in or else i just said yes and left.


even though i know that im only working 8:30 till 5, and i know i'm having an hour for a lunch but somewhere inside my head im freaking out about working there.


as well as starting work next week, i've also roped my self into NaNoWriMo. it's been a long time since i've had to write with any sort of a time frame. i know i dont have to finish it in the month, but the fact that it is possible, and that i've almost promised myself that i will, well im sure to be making myself feel guilty about it if i dont.
thursday night is the info night for equus. i'm gonna be so tired for that but i have to go. i also have to stop eating bilo brand fake tim tams if i wanna be 'jill'

that big blank space is supposed to be a picture. it sucks. tell it i hate it

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