Sunday, October 17, 2004

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From: sandra bilo
To: Carly
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 12:46 AM
Subject: *****SUSPECTED SPAM***** Waiting to hear from you soonest.


I received your mail with glad.I really knows that you are a honest cool person that is why i have the trust and confident that you will not let me down after confirming this my only hope money to your bank account that is why i didn't also hesistate to contact you after my praying because,i ask God to give me a reliable person who will not betray me after all is do not fear and rest assured and have trust in God because,with him all things are possible.

Everything is ready and my money is now to be transfer to your bank account.I can explained to the bank director about you and the transfer,he assured me that, there is no problem, that he will do his possible best to effect the transfer to whom ever bank account we provided for the transfer.He told me that he have to be very careful because of the amount involved so that the money will not transfer to the wrong bank account.he also said that you have to contant him as well so that he will confirm and verify that you are the right person before he start any act or proceed with us for the transfer.

So please,just contact him with the contact information below so that he will explain to you in detail how and when the transfer will take place to your bank account.

Bank Name Universal Trust Bank CI
Bank Director Mr David Okita
Bank Website
Director Private Tel 0022507516392.

So please,contact him now and get back to me so that i will know the outcome of the discussion and please,try to take everything urgent so that the transfer will take place to your bank account.again,do not forget to tell him that you are calling on mybehalf regarding the transfering of my late father's money to your bank account.You mention my full name and my late father name so that he will know who you are reffering to.

I wait to hear from you soonest after your contact with him.
Thanks with regards,
Sandra Bilo

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