Wednesday, October 06, 2004

step up boys

im finding it increasingly difficult to be heterosexual, even bi. and you, the australian public have just made it harder.
i was asked the other night if i thought maybe i was just an all out lesbian, no bis about it. i thought a little before i answered. right now there are three people who are stopping me from just liking girls. well, three guys to be exact. one is my all out favourite guy crush detective goran. that guy can investigate me anytime, rrrriowl!
i know there are a few out there who dont agree with me, but he pushes my buttons, rings my bell and spins my wheels, so he's good for me. when did i turn into some machine on wheels with buttons and bells?
secondly theres theo from opus. now, yes, he is a sexy boy. but my crush on him is more along the lines of 'this guy is impossibly cute and nice and sweet, i wanna be his friend! and he thinks im pretty, ooooh'
the third and final boy who is keeping me bi is daniel from australian idol. let me show you this lovely boy, if you havent already had the pleasure of gazing on his greatness

what a lovely boy. and you. YOU the australian public, voted him off the show when there is a perfectly scary looking boy to vote off first

and you've broken up a beautiful couple

and you're preventing me from seeing a sexy boy every week and dreaming lusty things about him. to further make this point, i dreamt chanel and i were cuddling quite close and we were enjoying ourselves immensely. while i am not in anyway complaining about this dream, i wonder if it is a sign of things to come? as the spunky boys slowly drift out of my life, what is going to keep me wanting cock?

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