Monday, October 18, 2004

today is monday

i would have written yesterday about how fantastic cuckoos nest went this weekend, but i was sleeping. yeah, the whole day. well, i did get up to wee and watch australian idol, but for the most part i was sleeping.

4 tequilas, 2 cowboys, a beer and a cider = a whole day of hangover

but yay, we deserved a fun night. saturday night in particular was a fanfuckingtastic show, crowds of over 100 on both nights and almost 100 for the matinee. i think opus has cemented itself as a quality theatre group now. 2 brilliant shows in a row, and equus and a clockwork orange coming up, we are a force to be reckoned with. i just have to try to decide whether i can be naked on stage for equus...hmmm. yeah, i reckon you peckerheads will come see the show then, wont you. or maybe not.

cast party started at the pub, with them letting us bring our own drinks in which was nice. i spent a lot of the time crawling around on my knees cos it was too damn hard to stand up after i got down there. i won the 'highest score' award for the night, for kissing adam, theo and jarrod in one day, and followed that up by giving all the boys a nice litle kiss. im a good girl, i share. jarred thanked me for being his little whore and told me he'd introduce me to his wife later. they are both so geeky and cute its adorable. cant wait to see their baby all growed up and geeky.
poor kylie tequilad herself into the sink and had some vommies and had to be carried to the carpark and sent home. poor kylie.

we got kicked out at 3 and decided to walk to theos factory and continue the party there. the girls hopped into some trollies and the boys pushed us through the carpark. as we were passing the train station, the amazing gillian drove past and offered us a lift in her van so we all piled in, went to theos, listened to frank sinatra and made shrinkamajigs.

got home at 6am. all in all i had a great night and although i cant wait to do it again, i can wait a little while cos im still sleepy.

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