Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a funny feeling

sitting here at my computer, quietly minding my own business by snooping into other peoples (ie reading blogs) i feel a cold wet...something on my lower back. i turn around and eli is sitting on the floor behind me, looking up and smiling. i figure he must have licked me because, for some reason he enjoys doing that. in a lot of ways he's like justin from parenthood "he likes to butt things with his head"
so i turn around again and continue with my perusal and i feel it again. this is definately not the feeling of a three year olds tounge on my back. and i know what that feels like. in a very unsick way, sickos!
i turn around and look down, and ask eli what he's doing

'making you a yogurt bum' he says, holding up his tub of yogurt and a spoon.


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