Saturday, October 23, 2004

coming out

i havent written much about the election. even if you arent from australia, you probably would know by now that john howard is still our prime minister.
this bothers me more than slightly.

whoever i meet that says they voted for howard says it was because he'd done such a good job with the economy over the last 3 years. statements like this make me uneasy. it bothers me because 'the economy' is something that the public generally find out by what is written in the newspapers. it isnt something that you can actually experience. i dont know about anyone else but i havent experienced the joy of opening my purse to find extra cash. last night i pulled into the petrol station, opened my purse, saw that i had $7 left the day after pay day and decided that i could go a bit further with my almost empty tank of petrol. $7 isnt going to buy much when you're paying 112.9 cents per litre.

all my bills have gone up. petrol has gone up. it seems like you have to pay more for everything these days. the economy may well be doing ok, but its more than likely because we're paying all this extra money to boost it up.

when i voted i wanted to make a difference to my life. it probably sounds selfish, but im the one who has tolive it so why not make it as comfortable as possible. i wanted better healthcare, more money for schools, a promise to not fuck up the environment anymore than we already have and to fix what we've already done.

another important part of my vote was gay marriage. i cant seem to put my thoughts eloquently enough. i tend to get angry and swear instead of calmly putting my point across.
perhaps you could read this instead

Sadly, it is in such times that great opportunity to lead and rise is lost. Those that preach intolerance and forgiveness and faith miss a wonderful opportunity to include others when they marginalize those who believe differently. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds into the debate over marriage rights to see that it’s about God. If you believe in God, why don’t you want your brothers and sisters to be happy? If they want to marry, to show their love, why would you deny them this? Because of stories from an old book, which may or may not be true, despite what you might think? We don’t live in ancient times. We live today.


it makes me sad that a person cannot be who they truly are. i was at a 21st birthday party last night for a friend who happens to be gay. he told me earlier in the night that he was thinking of coming out o all of his friends that night. as he stood up to make his speach his mum said something about how he was nervous because he'd been drinking. he stood and said 'im not worried about what i wont say, im worried about what im going to say'. i sat upright and got tingly, 'he's going to do it' i thought. but he didnt. he thanked everyone for coming and stood there with his announcement on the tip of his tongue.
it hurts me that someone who was having such a great time with his friends cant be himslef when it comes to the crunch. i was ready to run to him and hug him tight and tell him how proud i was of him. instead he just smiled and shrugged a little uncomfortably and sat back down again.

if you are unsure about gays...poofs, faggots, lesos, whatever you call them, i'd encourage you to get along to feast. take an open mind and the ability to listen

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