Monday, October 25, 2004

dear sandy,
your silence worries me. here i am giving you my bank details in good faith and i've not heard from you or seen 10 million US dollars in my account. dont tell me you wee pulling my leg all along?? i specifically went down to the bank and started that account just for you.
that money will realy come in handy for our town. did i tell you where i live? a little coastal town in southern australia. we even have a post office and a bank now. i'm not sure what sort of schooling you're thinking of doing here. you'd have to catch the bus to the city and it takes over an hour, but its ok.
anyway, give me a yell when the moneys gone through. im gonna donate some to the council so they can finish putting the bitumen down on the roads. the dirt is really fucking with my asthma

thanks, love carly

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