Friday, October 22, 2004


i'm sure you have all been following my little email chats with sandy bilo with excitement and antici pation. i love spamers. well, sometimes. i love the ones who take the time to talk to you nicely and have a real story to tell.
unfortunatley i got an email today that was not nice at all.

i couldnt read the email or see the attachment because my internet company were mean enough to remove it cos they thought it was a virus, yeah right, whatever. whoever heard of viruses being senty by email? you pick them up from trolleys and bus seats, morons. anyway. this email had the subject line : ok cunt.

i take immense offence to that. i do not have an ok cunt. i have a marvellous cunt. its quite pretty, it does its job like a good cunt should. how dare this peter whatsisface accuse my cunt of being just 'ok'. bastard.

peter, you have an average penis

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