Friday, October 08, 2004


tonight is opening night for cuckoos nest. had you asked me tuesday night how i thought we would go i probably would have burst into tears. but last nights rehearsal went quite well. the party scene, despite feeling extremely awkward on stage, apparently came off beautifully. we actually looked like we were drunk at a party. also there were tales of goosebumps over the 'billy is having a nervous breakdown' scene, and i was told my face looked beautiful during that.

so what are you all still sitting around for, ya peckerheads*! get out there and grab yourself a ticket!

* you know that i wouldnt really call you peckerheads. its a line from the play. not the 'grab yourself a ticket' part, that part i added in myself. so yeah. weather has cooled down a bit, huh? oh, im still in the asterisk part. i'll go now

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