Thursday, October 14, 2004

promises of presents

by the end of october i should be able to show you a picture of me looking like a librarian. yep. i am now a librarian at noarlunga library. i start on either the 25th of october or the 1st of november. ohh, 1st of november, new series of queer as folk. btw, while im thinking of tv shows, sean, ive missed the entire 2nd series of 6 feet under and so far all of the third.

back to my news

i am a librarian. it is literally a dream come true. apart from being on young talent time or being an olympic gymnast, librarian was the first proffession i aspired too. i imagined that sitting in a library all day would be the most wonderful thing ever. all those books, all that paper, geeky boys and girls who read....mmmmm, bliss.

i'll be working 25 hours a week, including one or two saturdays a month. yay. im a librarian.

last night we had a catch up rehearsal for cuckoos nest. on saturday at the matinee performance, theo is playing macmurphy. and since allen announced over the headset that i was excited about kissing theo, everyone knows im excited about kissing theo.
he's sweet, i cant help it. adam said that i should think about theo when im performing with him, so im amore touchy feely with him. poor baby :) actually, im playing theo's girlfriend today in a film that a few of us are making. you can read more about it here

i should go get my self hippied up. remember, friday nights performance is cheaper, with all tickets $12. if they kick up a stink at the box office, just say that you heard about it on SAFM, that works.

here, read the press release:

A mental institution of misfits, a nurse who thinks she’s got everything under control and a convicted gambling rebel who wants to change the system!

This psychological drama based on the novel by Ken Kesey and written for stage by Dale Wasserman is a classic story and in 1975 the film starring Jack Nicholson won multi Academy Awards.

Adam Morgan is Randle Patrick McMurphy, the convicted “gambling fool” who is institutionalised. Adam is currently filming the feature film Pobby and Dingan with Vince Colosimo and Jacqueline McKenzie. He is the voice behind numerous television commercials - Mitsubishi, Sip & Save and Keno – and appears in the feature films Australian Rules, Black & White, One Night the Moon, In a Savage Land and has several guest appearances in McLeods Daughters.

Multi award winning actor and director Harry Dewar portrays the well educated and effete President of the Patients Council Dale Harding.

Psychology student Jarrod Chave, plays stuttering thirty year old suicidal virgin Billy Bibbit.

Peter Dewar is the tall strong native American Indian, Chief Bromden who feigns muteness and deafness to protect himself from pain.

Dael McCarthy portrays the strict and authoritative Nurse Ratched who demands respect and obedience from her patients and staff.

Winner of the 2002 Hills Drama Festival best male actor award, Paul Kaesler together with budding young actor Nathan Lambert play Aides Warren and Williams.

Don Davies portrays the bomb making Mr Scanlon, George Garcia Jnr plays the hullucinating Italian Martini and Brian Oates is the translucent Charles Cheswick III.

Helen Matthews plays Ruckly, a chronic patient who once undertook a failed lobotomy. Barry Becker is the licquor drinking and drug smoking, night duty Aide Turkle and a chronic patient, Colonel. Theo Badics is also a chronic patient as well as head technician for electric shock treatment.

Carly Whittaker is the refreshingly delightful and playful Candy Starr and Kylie Toogood plays her friend Sandy.

Well known Adelaide actor Don Hutton portrays the harrassed resident phsychiatrist Dr Spivey and Jillian Wheatland is the vapid young catholic Nurse Flinn.
The extraordinary John Wilson is composing and will conduct original music to compliment the production, while Alie Beck has created a visually exciting set design.

Opus Artistic Director Leeza Peters says, “It is a fascinating journey into the lives of people who are outcasts of society and who continue to struggle with their individuality and personal identity.”

“This is an amazing story that can be viewed on so many levels. There is an underlaying struggle of seclusion, intimidation and dehumanisation.”

Audiences will be stimulated by an incredible performance by a talented cast and tantalised with multimedia images and poignant music.

Only $12
15th October at 8pm
Noarlunga College Theatre
Ramsay Place,
Noarlunga Centre
20 metres east of the Colonades Tavern

October 2004
Sat 16th 2 pm Matinee
& 8pm Evening Finale
@$16 adults
& $12 concession
Phone Victoria:8207 3977

and i WILL see you there

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