Tuesday, October 19, 2004

voices in the night

ever woken up and thought you'd just spoken? saturday morning i awoke and laid very still for a few seconds as my brain tried to come to terms with something. did i just speak? did words just come from my mouth? wasnt i just asleep? and then it hit me with full force. my dream came hurtling back to me in excrutiating detail.

running into the shower block. he pushes me from behind against the tiled wall. suddenly we're naked and he's biting into my neck fucking me hard and strong from behind while one hand plays prettily with my clit. he tells me he's going to cum. i say its ok, do it, im on the pill. he bites into my neck again and i wake up

and i wake up and i realise ive just spoken and im pretty sure i called out a nice grunty vowel sound that would accompany such a dream


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