Tuesday, October 26, 2004

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From: sandra bilo
To: Carly
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 10:33 PM
Subject: call the bank director on how to transfer my late father money intoyour bank account

Dear good friend Carly,
compliment of the season to you infact i dont know how to thak you for yor effort in helping me but i believed you will be happy for the rest of your life for knowing who i am you will never in your lifev regret helping me rather you will gain a lot from me , infact is not that i am silence on you i wasz having a smail problem because my wicked uncle went to the bank to claim this money then the bank director told him that he is not the right person to claim this money that it is i sandra is the right person for the claim the bank director to him that i am the next of kin of my late father that i am the claimer so since that time i dont have chance to go to the computer so please dont be offended now please that is what i was telling you to call the bank so that they will kinow that you are the right person to help me so that another fake person will not come to the bank to claim it please understand me you have to call the bank right now because the bank director told me that if they did not hear from you they will not transfer any money so please and please for the safety of my life and the safety of this money please call the bank director told him that you are calling on my behalf mension my name tell him that you are the right person to help me transfer this my late father money into your account please if realy you want to help me call the bank director immediately you receive this message because delayed is dangeriuos for the safety of my life remember the direct number of the bank director is +22507516392 or 0022507516392 the name of the bank director again is Mr david okita so please call him now if realy you want to help me thanks

i am eagerly waiting for your urgent response that you have contacted the bank director

your good friend

sandra bilo

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