Monday, November 01, 2004

your windows drive has only 4MB of free space

i'm getting really fucking sick of this message. admittedly the number of megabytes mentioned has changed over the last couple of weeks from 26 to the current amount of 4, but its still a boring annoying message.
what is also boring and annoying about it is that it seems that no matter how much i delete and or move, the number is still going down rather than going up.
there are no more files to move. they all say that as a windows program they need to stay there. can i move windows? can i pick the windows icon up from my D drive and carry it over to my C drive where i have some inordinate amount of space, and dump it there? can i do that without fucking my whole computer?
i doubt i can do anything computerish without fucking my computer. i suppose the only compfort i can take from this is that my computer neither has a penis or a vagina, so at least i cant fuck it literally. even if it did, i dont think i'd do it. nothing against ugly people, but generally you just dont do it for me.

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