Saturday, November 13, 2004

it's been a while since i've actually writen anything of merit on here. i realise most of my posts are self indulgent rants about how cool i am.but this time im actually going to write about something that is important.

i was at work the other day and an old guy was telling me that he didnt have a problem with gay people getting married and having the same rights as normal people, its when they start wanting to have kids that the problems start.

this shits me.first of all, the inclusion of the phrase 'normal people'. obviously that shits me. secondly, he says he has no problem with gay people having equal rights but then says they cant have kids so what is it? equal rights or no? he says the problem arises when a heterosexual couple want to have kids and need to use IVF. and then a gay couple come along and need to use it to, and if the gay couple get teh help, the straight couple wont. now, not only is this utter bullshit, its crap!

gah, people make me so angry. i really wish those fuckheads at two cents would let us silly lefties see their site again. it was full of useful fodder for me to get angry about.

check out this site for the inequalities between gay and straight couples

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