Monday, November 22, 2004

thankyou australia

you helped the fat girl win!

i always had a soft spot for casey. i really liked chanel and courtney, but once they were gone i was going for casey. i guess i really would have gone for anyone who was up against anthony. as you may remember i called him a plastic cunting bastard, and i stand by that. no, i do not have any hard evidence to back up my claim but everyone knows i rule so you should just believe it anyway.

i really didnt think casey would win. i said to kirsty earlier in the night that i thought anthony would win, but i had a tiny glimmer of hope, thinking that casey might actually have a chance. i'd really like to know exactly how many people voted.
i never thought she had a choice. not being mean or anything, but she's a fat aboriginal girl from the western suburbs of sydney, there is no way anything like this should be happening to her.

on the australian idol message boards there are cries of a conspiracy from anthony fans. that just makes me laugh. especially the comeback from this casey fan

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It was Professor Plum in the Library with a candle stick.

That wasnt a theory on how Anthony lost idol btw, but how he lost his virginity.

we had the first read through of equus last night at harry's house. it went really well. i'm really looking forward to it. the cast is diverse (thanks kirsty) and harry's ideas and vision for the play sound great.

i'm currently in an arguement with optus. i went the strathfield last sunday and signed up for a mobile phone plan. my phone is really cool. i'll try and find a pic of it. the deal is pretty good too. send 3 texts and get the rest free each day. now thats all well and good for me, but the people who i talk to most and in a back and forth way are with virgin which is only 5c a message between virgin customers. and i doubt they're gonna want to write back to me all the time if its gonna cost them 15c more each time.
now, the reason im arguing is because i signed up on sunday and i havent been able to use the phone all this time. optus havent switched me over properly yet. so i fail to see why i should have to be paying $25 a month for a phone im not using. especially when i can pay $15 a month with virgin and get the same deal.
they're ringing me back today to see what they can do. if it doesnt work out for me, can anyone remember the name of the website that investigates things like this and does all the calling and explaining for you? it was on today tonight or a current affair a while back.

mmm, yoghurt

ok, im off to do the washing and enjoy my monday at home while i still can.


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