Wednesday, November 03, 2004

library officer from collection management = me


ok, my back is really hurting, and im very very bloody tired, but all in all my job is pretty good. i think my favourite part so far is checking the books in. i like using the clunker. i am the only person who calls it the clunker. it doesnt even make a clunking noise so i dont know where that came from, but yeah, clunker, woohoo!

today i worked in collection management for the first time. this is where i will be based for the majority of the time. when they told me this i thought it meant i'd be in charge of calling people and telling them they have overdue books and owe us money (vicki, i'm looking in your direction....did you order a symphony orchestra too?). but its not. collection management is the management of the collection, ie, the group of books that belongs to the libraries. we get to buy books, catalogue them, put the stickers on them and the anti theft thingoes, which are called tattle tabs or something like that which i think is really cute. then once they're processed and all that gear we send them off to the other libraries or down stairs to be put away on the shelves. the whole system from woah to go takes a few months actually, its very involved. i dont understand the majority of it and i dont plan to. can i just say at this point that woah to go is wrong, isnt it? because if it was round that way we'd be stopping first and then starting which makes no sense at all. so strike that, reverse it.

so yeah, i do that. i work on the desk for a couple of hours a day. only an hour at a time too. and tomorrow i'll be down in the childrens library which will rule. i got to look at so many cool picture books this morning while i was collection managementing. more books, more books i say!

no one has visited me. i repeat, NO ONE. this is despite many promises too. i am deeply hurt and upset.

oh, and while i was tidying my shelf today...yes, i have a shelf, and its poems, plays and theatre bizzo books so thats cool, i came across a book by none other than the delightful and delectible, miss alie beck. she has also written in a few other books. we love alie. everyone say it together, we love you alie.

my eyes are hurties.

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