Friday, November 19, 2004

decisions decisions

ooh, pay me! lower your salary please! sorry, just had an 80's television commercial flashback. dont get me started singing the song about germs or vitamins.

so you al know about my stellar job that rules the rulingnest? yes. 23 hours a week, library officer, collection management. what that means is that i process the books so they can be put on the shelves; checking the barcodes, printing and sticking on the spine lables, putting the tattle tape in, then entering them into the computer. i cover books, i process cds, videos and tapes, i do a whole heap of stuff and as well as that i get to do desk duties for a couple of hours a day.

im really liking it at noarlunga. the people are really nice and they seem to have accepted my uniqueness straight away. even when i unintentionally outed myself in front of them they're still cool.

the one thing that sucks about my job is that its a contract position. because i'm covering somebody else maternity leave hours, my job could end after 6 months, or a possible 12.

so while i'm working away, hapily cleaning gunk off of books to make them shiny and new again, gill comes in and says quietly, 'carly, have you got a minute?'
i freak a little bit, wondering what i've done wrong. she walks me to the bosses office and i freak a litle more. i calm down a bit once i realise he isnt in there, but helen is and she's still a boss to me.
'take a seat, we just want to have a little chat'
now by this point i am understandably shitting myself. so much so that i ask what i've done wrong and tell them that they're freaking me out. they laugh a little and tell me to calm down, that its absolutely nothing bad, 'well, it might be for us, but not you'

woodcroft library called and offered me a full time permanent position in their library.

38 hours a week, monday to friday. but that's not all. i would be in programs, specialising in childrens, which means i'd be in charge of all the activities and guest speakers for the childrens library, adult programs, school holiday workshops, and outreach into near by schools and kindys.


full on decisions need to be made.

the main reason im thinking no is that i dont want eli in childcare for that long. he's my baby and i want to see him grow. i should be the one looking after him, not somebody else. he's my responsibility. but i cant turn something like this down. noarlunga said they dont want to lose me, that they'd be very sorry to see me go. but that they would rather lose me now to woodcroft, than lose me completely at the end of my contract.

i dont know who i slept with to make things swing my way but i must have been bloody good.

i have to make a decision by monday. i'll let you know

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