Saturday, November 20, 2004

warning - pic heavy post

haalllrighty, first up, party pics. so far we've only seen photos from nathans camera. nathan is the guy in the pic with me. and there are no full length shots of me so you'll have to make do with this one for starters

next, a couple of months ago i was stolen and taken down to the beach to be a model for a day. i sucked at it, but i like this photo

i photo shopped mazz out of it. he was under the stairs making a face.

next, you will see my special little guy eli.

last year he had his photo taken by this lady and he was holding a sword. this year she dresed him as a wizard and i was a bit fneh about it cos i thought he'd look lame, but the photo turned out really sweet. until you look at it again and realise that that boy has the devil in him

now, i cant see these pics so i dont know if they've worked or not, so could someone let me know? thanks


pics have been fixed, i still cant see if they work or not, but apparently they do

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