Sunday, November 14, 2004

sandy update

i decided that sandy was possibly fibbing to me and wasnt actually going to give me a million US dollars, so i thought i'd see what would happen if i never wrote back again.
as suspected, sandy stopped writing to me.

what a fibber. i had plans for that money

imagine my delight when somebody craved my indulgence and sent me this

From:Danny Merchant

Dear Sir/Madam,

May I crave your indulgence to open this business discussion with you by an informal letter of this sort. It is pertinent that a business of this magnitude should have commenced properly with a formal meeting between you and us to enable both parties know ourselves, have a fore knowledge of the nature of the business, discuss and acquaint ourselves with the responsibilities and functions of both parties and appropriate shares accordingly.

I am Danny Merchant, secretary to Finance Minister of Nigeria .This is an urgent and very confidential business proposition.

Nigerian government is about to collapse, so I with the help of various other ministers am trying to transfer money outside Nigeria. I am looking forward to invest US$21,500,000.00,(Twenty-One Million, five hundred thousand Dollars) in your country with your assistance. Because my main problem I need assistance from a foreigner who can invest money on our behalf in other countries. As I am public servant I can not use this money on my own, I need your assistance.

I will give you 25% of the total money for assisting me. For the confirmation of your willingness to assist me reply via my email with your full name, address, telephone and fax numbers for easy communication. It will also help me to prepare relevant documents to transfer money to your account.

Due to the nature of confidentiality in this Transaction our communication can only be via email, and fax mostly.

Awaiting your urgent reply via my private email:

Thanks and my regards.

Danny Merchant

i'm wondering id danny got my email address off of sandy. and you know what else i'm wondering? im wondering where all these millions came from. i didnt think nigeria was that well off but there's at least two people who have several millions of dollars between them. surely they could get together and help each other out?

perhaps if he doesnt already have it, i'll give danny sandy's email

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