Friday, November 05, 2004

imagine a donut in the shape of australia. so the coast line of australia is a doughy mess with sugar and all that gear, and the middle is a hole, right? you got that?


did you know it is raining everywhere except the hole today? dont you find that bizzarre? great for the farmers, yeah, but bizzarre none the less since this is australia and its november.
november is hot. australia is the driest continent. (south australia is the driest state in the driest continent, i know this because i am a library officer). and it is raining. not just drizzling, but stormy and pissing down with rain.

i have playgroup today. here is a photo of what the weather looks like right now in seaford.
this is my new favourite website, btw. it proves my donut story from before. see this?, melbourne...raining.

rain is one of my favourite things.

alright, down to business. what the fuck is wrong with the world? i completely forgot about the reults of the US election. as in, i remembered people were voting that day, but then the next day forgot about it all together. and then im driving to work that morning and i hear the speach that the other guy gave, conceding defeat before everything was even counted. i was both completey taken aback and completely not surprised at the same time. here i was thinking that the american people would see what a crock that wanker is, and they proved me right by turning out in droves to vote. but what i didnt think about were the people who would have been sitting at home thinking, 'well we never voted before because we knew he'd always there are all these weed smokin hipies who are against our country who want some other horse faced loser to win...well gee cletus, we'd better get off our porch and vote for the pres-E-dent.'
but you know what? it may not have even been that. if he can lie his way through four years before, who's to say he cant lie his way through counting votes?


cunt stained smegma, thats what that man is.

well fucking done, gah!

i cant imagine how broken half the american population must feel right now. they got out there and tried their best, most believing that they could actually make a difference. so many blogs i had read mentioned how good they felt after voting, how they could feel the change in the air. the results must be so disheartening to them, more than anyone else from other countries.

i'll finish off with some good news

go aussie go!

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